Target Segment

At a high level, Kashi Capital wants to operate in the Hindi heartland states because the financial exclusion by number of MSMEs is maximum in those areas. Amongst the MSMEs – we will lean towards lending to Micro and Small enterprises (both registered and unregistered). We will specially target those MSMEs that have traditionally not been provided loans by banks operating in the region. We would gain market share from the customers who are currently being served by “friends and families”, local moneylenders, and few NBFCs who do not understand the subtle nuances of cash flow and social collateral based lending. Through innovative use of local understanding, big data analytics and technological innovations, we will create an entirely new market that currently is untapped by lending to cash strapped but growth hungry MSME businesses. The idea is to eventually graduate customers from this untapped market into “bankable customers” who can join the mainstream financial ecosystem of the country.