Company Values


We stand for Passion, Perseverance, Dynamism, Customer Centricity, Empathy, and Fairness.

Passion – We are passionate about the cause of financial inclusion, passionate about providing financial solutions to businesses, passionate about driving socio-economic transformation and passionate in the belief that the entrepreneurial resurgence will create new jobs that will bring food onto the table for millions of people.

Perseverance – We are well aware that we are tackling and solving the most difficult financial issues in those geographic regions of India that are historically regarded as un- bankable; We are not under-estimating the challenge but also believe that there is no better organization than Kashi Capital that can solve these issues. We owe this to our own people and for this we will resolutely follow the correct path of action.

Dynamism – We will dynamically adjust our financial solutions based on the changing market and customer needs. We would not hesitate to challenge the “status quo” and will always remain flexible to re-invent ourselves.

Customer Centricity – We will always put customers as our first priority, seek to understand their point of view and respect their interest.

Empathy – As an organization when we interact with anybody - be it our customers or employees - we want to truly understand and identify with their feelings and emotions. We strongly believe that providing financial services to customers is not just an intellectual activity of evaluating risks / returns but a privilege to contribute to other people’s success. 

Fairness - in treating our human capital, fairness in dealing with all the stakeholders, fairness in dealing with our customers.