Story Behind Our Name

There is a thought behind naming the NBFC as Kashi Capital as described below:

  • Kashi is the oldest surviving city in the world, it has seen its fair share of good and bad times, however it has continued to exist and that tenet of sustainability is one of the reasons why the company has been named so.
  • The common Indian folklore observes that Kashi is God’s own city and in times good or bad, God would never forsake the city, the similar sense of belongingness with its customers is what the company would like to imbibe - that in times good or bad the financial institution will partner with its customers and will not leave them in a lurch.
  •  Kashi as a city has undergone several rounds of creative destruction to emerge what it is now; similar to that spirit, the company would entail creative destruction around products, processes, systems and distribution channel to ensure that the outcome is the best that can be offered to the customers.